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This exotic course provides year-round golfing and a practice driving range. You’ll face a variety of challenges throughout the 6285-metre course comprising adjacent rivers, deep bunkers and picturesque fresh water lily ponds, testing your skills against water hazards on no fewer than 12 of the 18 holes.

Opening Hours

Pro Shop  7am-6pm
18 Hole Championship Golf Course 7am-6pm
Driving Range 7am-5pm
Club House 9am-6pm
*Special events can start earlier From 6am
Clubhouse +679 773 8215

Pro Shop +679 773 8214

Local Rules

+ Ball embedded in its own pitchmark – except in a hazard may be lifted and dropped or if on a putting green placed in accordance with RULE 25. NO PENALTY
+ Ground under repair – includes weather marked GUR or note, clearly impressed wheel ruts not in a hazard and all ground obviously under treatment. RULE 25-1
+ Bridges and paths – within the boundaries of water or lateral hazards are an integral part of the golf course.
+ Concrete Cart Paths – outside the boundaries of water or lateral hazards are immovable obstructions. REFER RULE 24-2b

Course Markings

+ WHITE STAKES | Out of Bounds
+ YELLOW STAKES | Water Hazards
+ RED STAKES | Lateral Water Hazards
+ WHITE LINE OR MARKERS | Ground Under Repair

Dress Code

+ Golf shoes are compulsory. Strictly no metal spikes.
+ Jeans, denim and bathers are not permissible attire.
+ Women | Smart / Casual Attire
+ Men | Collared Shirt / Dress Shorts